For Deus Ex Machina's latest creation, they have taken a 2012 Triumph Scrambler and turned it into a stylish and well-detailed custom motorcycle dubbed the "Onyx." Both German and Japanese hardware were utilized when transforming the cockpit, while a bespoke fender that contains all of the electronics was constructed from alloy in the Deus workshop. A California-based trimmer is responsible for the waterproof Kushitani leather seat, and the tank has been given a fresh matte black paint job. The chunky air box has been removed in order to maximize spacing and to further accentuate the coinciding details, as the battery has been relocated to the swing arm.

To see the "Onyx" in action, be sure to press play below.

Just months ago, Deus Ex Machina gave us a look at their new "Red Pill" motorbike, based on the Kawasaki W650.

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