Drones are certainly no new invention, and drone deliveries are beginning to pop up in many locations across the globe. But what DHL is planning to launch could actually save lives.

The logistics company introduces its new Parcelcopter that is designed to reach individuals who reside in remote areas, places where deliveries are few and far between, and sometimes even impossible to reach by road.

DHL has been testing its new drone delivery service for three months by making numerous trips to snow-covered mountains in Bavaria, Germany.

The Parcelcopter isn’t limited to solely carrying small packages, however. The aircraft spans over seven feet in length, allowing it to haul larger items and even multiple at a time. The weight limit for the drone is still pretty small, though. The ‘copter carries just roughly 4.4 pounds, but it can, however, travel at speeds of up to 43 miles per hour. The packages that are being transported are protected, as they are stored inside the belly of the drone.

Before DHL’s Parcelcopter is ready for official travel, the company will test the drone in another remote location to ensure its success.

For a closer look at how it works, press play above.

Not NYC, not LA.