At this stage in the game, Die Antwoord seems like they’ve done everything to leave fans in a constant state of shock, but the duo’s latest music video for their new single “Alien” is even weirder than anyone could have predicted. The eery visual is directed by Ninja and follows Yolandi as she portrays a lonely alien completely failing at companionship in Detroit. This leads her to devouring a glowing neon insect after being denied service at a diner, but that’s not even the strangest part- another creature builds a cocoon and then proceeds to hatch out of it. The main highlight is when the pair’s daughter, Sixteen Jones, makes a special appearance so definitely watch until the end.

This track is a collaboration with The Black Goat, an artist that the rave rappers have previously worked with on their albums Suck on This and Mount Ninji and da Nice Time Kid.

In other news, here’s everything we know so far about Kid Cudi and Kanye West’s ‘Kids See Ghost’ album.

Words by Sydney Gore
Associate Music Editor

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