Before they were Die Antwoord — and way before they became embroiled in strange banana pudding situations with Kanye (look it up), or had their style (apparently) "jocked" by Hollywood — the South African trio instead operated under the moniker of Die Fokken Andwoord, or, in English, "The Fucking Answer".

While labels and titles may change, the South African group's knack of stripping the paint off walls of any venue they rock up to has always remained a constant. Back in 2009, Barack Obama was just being sworn into the White House, shutter shades were still a thing and kids around the world were losing their shit over the iPhone 3GS. In South Africa, a similar type of hysteria was engulfing the youth; not for kitschy accessories or shiny technology, however, but for illegal raves and zef counter-culture.

Just as Die Antwoord (or, Die Fokken Andwoord) were on the cusp of exploding into the all-conquering, rave-rap juggernaut we know them as today, director and friend Sean Wilson-Smith was on hand to film their very first live shows in South Africa. Shot on a handheld DV camera, the footage gets to the heart of the raucous zef scene and includes on and off stage shots from tour, while never seen before interviews reveal what the band stood for and how they were viewed by the rest of the country.

View the exclusive teaser above, and keep an eye on these pages for the full film dropping next week.

Die Antwood's latest album, Mount Ninji and da Nice Time Kid, is out today. Check this wild video lifted from it.

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