In an interview with SSENSE, the brains behind Instagram account @dietprada sat down to discuss their rise to social media popularity in the world of exposing designer knockoffs.

What once started as a side project on Pinterest quickly became a full-time whistleblowing industry job, gaining a massive cult following in the process. Unafraid to call out anyone in the industry — including names like Naomi Campbell and Kim Kardashian — the people behind the account have understandably chosen to remain mostly anonymous.

Following the arrival of their own “official” knockoff merchandise, the mysterious duo behind the account open up to reveal what a day in the life of a fashion industry informer is like.

For some insights into the people behind the account, check out a few snippets from the SSENSE article below. When finished, check out Highsnobiety’s recent interview with the @dietprada.

On @dietprada as a full-time job

“It’s definitely taken over at times where I’m on it from morning to 4:00 AM. We’ll wake up and talk about our posts or the topics we need to cover. We have a few different shared photo albums where we put works in progress, ideas, finished material that’s ready to post. It’s more time consuming than you would think, trying to check your references and make sure you’ve got everything before you post.”


On how it feels to expose celebrities

“Unless it’s Beyonce probably, we’re so far removed from celebrities, we don’t really care. It’s criticism and our opinions, whether or not you choose to be offended by them or how much weight you put on our words, that’s on you. We don’t really hold back.”


On how to deal with the stress of internet beef

“We deal with it in different ways. I need to find better ways of checking out when it gets to be the early hours of the morning. I was fighting with someone last night actually at 3:30 AM because she told me Margot Robbie’s Golden Globes dress was 30s inspired. I was like “I don’t think so.” She was like, “I teach at FIT,” and I was like, “I worked at a costume institute for two years.” I had to stay up an extra 20 minutes. It sounds super immature but I just wanted to show her the references of the silhouette, and that this was something distinctly 40s: the structure, the bodice, the shape of the sleeves.”


Future projects and plans for the account

“I think it’s going to be an experimental platform and hopefully it’s something we can use to explore other voices that aren’t typically heard because I think people are sick of the same writing from people that have advertisers backing them and pushing them. I want this to be a more democratized view of fashion, and most of all, for it to be fun.”


“Somebody said something that stuck with me, they said that by picking copying as your source material, you’re never going to run out.”


Read the rest of the interview here.

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