Brand: Dior

Model: B24

Key Features: Dior’s B24 sneaker is offered in multicolored ripstop nylon options. A logo-stamped ribbon weaves throughout the upper contrasting against inner nylon body, alongside a lace-up vamp framed by calfskin with hiking-inspired details.

Release Date: Available now

Price: $1,100

Buy: Dior

Editor’s Notes: The Dior B24 Runtek sneaker is back with a trio of new colorways including black/blue, white/grey, and black/yellow.

The B24 Runtek sneakers are uniquely crafted in ripstop nylon. Logo-stamped ribbons crisscross the exterior, adding texture and dimension to the pieced upper. The lace-up vamp is framed by calfskin, while sculpted rubber comprises the back and sole. The hiking-inspired details look best when paired with contrasting styles, such as tailored fine wool suiting.

All three colorways are priced at a whomping $,1000 and are all available on the Dior website now. Swipe through the gallery above to take a closer look at the B24 Runtek sneakers.

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