If there’s one thing that gets most of us music-lovers through the day, it’s discovering new artists. Whether we’re scrolling through SoundCloud looking for mood tunes to help alleviate a case of the Mondays or listening to a mixtape someone has sent our way, not a day goes by without a fresh discovery playing in our offices.

Since our inboxes tend to get inundated with projects from artists interested in coverage, we use each Wednesday to spotlight some of the quietly wondrous musicians that find their way to us every week. These artists may not have conquered the Billboard 100 (yet) but they’ve all got something unique to offer, and they’re all worth getting to know.

Scroll through to see our 10 under the radar artists to discover this week, and stay tuned for a fresh selection next week.

Abra Cadabra

Where: London What They’ve Been Working On: Gearing up for the release of his Feature Boy EP, "Hood Politics" is its lead single. Sounds Like: Yet another 19-year old rap wunderkind here to remind you that if he can do this at his age you should just go ahead and quit.


Where: London What They’ve Been Working On: Her upcoming EP Little God; "Cracks" is the glorious first taste. Sounds Like: Either inhaling a lot of helium from a balloon animal and sitting on a pile of cotton candy or inhaling a lot of cotton candy and sitting on a pile of balloon animals.


Where: Stockholm What They’ve Been Working On: A mini-LP (not an EP) titled Static, showcasing his dense yet featherlight sound. Sounds Like: If you put part of your soul into a rock Horcrux-style, then a tiny bit of your conscious would go on to see Earth age and decompose and be reborn across millennia.

Cautious Clay

Where: Brooklyn What They’ve Been Working On: The re-release of his acclaimed Blood Type EP, featuring additions like the above heartbreaker. Sounds Like: Being hella depressed in a beautiful place, like if you're on a tropcial beach when you find out your dog died at the sitter's.


Where: London What They’ve Been Working On: Patricia Manfield's musical project makes its long-awaited debut with "Threads". Sounds Like: Spinning silken thread from the clouds gifted to you by melancholy forest spirits.


Where: Brussels What They’ve Been Working On: Their recently-released Cast a Spell EP and heading out on tour with Little Simz this summer. Sounds Like: If you were able to play a bunch of Timbaland's production tapes from the 2000s that melted in the sun and then asked the cool girls in art class to lay down vocals.


Where: London What They’ve Been Working On: Teaming up with Kansas City-based producer JUDGE for this incredibly off-putting ballad. Sounds Like: Starting to think the person you're clubbing with isn't actually as nice as your initial MD-high made you believe.


Where: Milan What They’ve Been Working On: "BOTOX", her new single and video that sums up her blend of detached techno-pop far better than one of these subsections can. Sounds Like: The soundtrack to David Lynch's dream about an Italian contessa hanging out in Berghain taking a lot of, well, keta.

Shumba Maasai

Where: London What They’ve Been Working On: The moody visual for "Berlin", filmed on location and very indicative of the somber mental state that inflicts everyone during its six-month winters. Sounds Like: Sitting in a pristine marble lobby and realizing that somehow everything is moving in slow motion.

Sofi Tukker

Where: New York What They’ve Been Working On: Their just-released debut album Treehouse, a collection of hard-to-categorize dance music that is best described as simply 'wacky.' Sounds Like: When you're walking down the street and need to give yourself a runway moment, even if it means strutting on strangers.

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