Disney World’s most robot-centric attraction, the Hall of Presidents, has just unveiled its newest member: Robot Donald Trump.

The exhibit features animatronic versions of every single one of the 45 Presidents of the United States and has been closed since the start of the year to gear up for the unveiling of Robo-Trump.

The video above is the first footage of Trump’s animatronic doppelgänger and the similarities are eery. The robotic President talks, pivots, and gesticulates very much like the real thing.

Disney’s engineers obviously paid great attention to detail, with Trump’s tie, infamous hairstyle, mannerisms and hand gestures all very life-like.

Check out the (pretty creepy) video above and then scroll through the hilarious reactions below.

It’s just so creepy!

More than a few saw a bit of Hillary Clinton in the robot

Others saw Jon Voight

Some comparisons were pretty imaginative

Which is scarier?

The main event at Wrestlemania next year?

He has a point, The Last Jedi was enough Star Wars if some of the crowd reactions are to be believed

Shots fired

In other news, Joey Bada$$ is now the creative director of PONY.

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