The latest episode in The Dyneema Project’s “Trailblazers” series finds Jotaro Yoshida, founder and designer of Locus Gear, detailing the development of the Djedi Dome, the first tent made with waterproof-breathable Dyneema Composite Fabric. The Quest for the Ultimate Dome Tent is in turn set on top of Japan’s Mount Tanigawa in the winter.

“Most people think it’s a Star Wars thing,” says Jotaro. “But originally ‘Djedi’ is an Egyptian God’s name. ‘Djedi’ starts with the letter D, and D is also the shape of the dome.”

Such an innovative product of course wasn’t born overnight, as it took Yoshida roughly four years to complete the design.

“I made eight different prototypes using different fabrics but was never satisfied,” adds the Locus Gear founder. “Condensation is a major problem for anyone who camps. And if your inside walls or down sleeping bag gets wet, the situation can even become life threatening. So, for a dome tent it goes beyond being strong and extremely light. Breathability is the true ‘dream’ property.”

Dyneema is touted as the world’s strongest, lightest fiber, 15 times stronger than steel and capable of floating on water. It has been used to moor oil rigs, stop bullets, and even repair humans.

For more on Jotaro Yoshida and Locus Gear’s groundbreaking Djedi Dome tent, press play above, then follow here.

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