With today being 4/20, we're taking an exclusive look at Double Barrel, the world's first dual-oil vaporizer. Double Barrel, whose oil partners include Sherbinskis, King Pen, and Cannabiotix, is designed to provide the sophisticated cannabis consumer with an incredibly unique vaporizing experience.

"The Double Barrel is the first vaporizer I’ve ever seen that allows me to smoke two different flavors at once," says Mario Sherbinski, founder of Sherbinskis and famed San Francisco cannabis breeder. "When I first saw it all I could think about is 'how hard is this thing going to hit?' And when I hit it, it delivered. I can enjoy two of my favorite strains together in one hit."

Double Barrel is apparently becoming a favorite in the hip-hop world too, as Diddy reportedly ordered 50 units for his Coachella crew.

In celebration of 4/20, Mario Sherbinski hand-painted a special edition Double Barrel, loaded with Sherbinskis oil. Limited to 143 units, the vaporizer is being exclusively released to a number of celebrity cannabis enthusiasts, including John Mayer, Dave Chapelle, O'Shea Jackson, Al Harrington, Ty Dolla $ign, Jaleel White, and Lil Uzi Vert, among others.

The general public has the opportunity to purchase the Double Barrel and Sherbinski oils, as well as Double Barrel x Kingpen at MedMen stores across California and other dispensaries, beginning today.

Also, be sure to check out the official trailer for our new weed documentary, 'High End,' premiering tonight in LA.

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