American artist Doug Aitken has unveiled his latest work, "Mirage Gstaad." Created as part of art festival Elevation 1049, the mirrored sculpture was made to reflect the environment around it.

Speaking to Dezeen, Aitken explained how he wanted the work to evolve with the seasons: "The viewer can come back to the piece as the seasons are changing, in fall in a storm or in the summer when it's a green pasture. As our lives change the artwork is shifting with us."

"The work really is the sum of the landscape around it. When you think of art you often think of something much more solid, but Mirage moves in an autonomous way," Aitken continued. "It changes in an almost chameleon-like form."

This is the latest effort in Aitken's Mirage series; he previously installed similar houses in a disused bank in Detroit and in Palm Springs.

Doug Aitken’s "Mirage Gstaad" is on view now, and will remain at Gstaad, Switzerland for the next two years.

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