dr mario world multiplayer trailer Dr. Mario World nintendo

This week Nintendo introduces us to Dr. Mario World‘s multiplayer mode courtesy of the latest trailer for the anticipated video game. In addition to the clip, Nintendo has launched a new site with information on the game, including when and where you can download it.

You’ll be able to find your friends on Dr. Mario World by utilizing Facebook and Line. Once located, you can track their progress, send them hearts for stamina, and challenge them to matches, which take place in real time. Your attack meter fills as you eliminate viruses, and you can then transfer those viruses to your opponents. As your attack stat increases, you are allowed to send more viruses.

Each of the characters in Dr. Mario World have their own specific skill, such as Princess Peach and her ability to remove rows from the stage, and Toad’s power to delete five random objects on the board.

Nintendo’s free-to-play Dr. Mario World comes to iOS and Android July 10. Follow here for more on the game.

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