As anyone under the age of 40 can tell you, taking a selfie is a delicate and complicated art. It requires an eye for aesthetics, proper lighting and a general sense of spatial awareness. But alas, not all of us can be blessed with these talents, and our selfies turn to nought. Enter Yuneec International, who has not only found a solution for endlessly taking a perfect pic but has also hurtled the art form into the realm of the future. It has created a piece of technology called The Breeze, and it is nothing short of your own personal flying drone.

But don’t let the word ‘drone’ intimidate you, The Breeze is more akin to a toy helicopter than an armed forces accessory. And inevitably, it should prove more practical than either. Its size makes it able to catch a shot even in the tightest of corners. Its movement is controlled entirely via your phone (courtesy of an accompanying app) and it allows for direct publication to the social media of your choice. It also has a whopping five adjustable flight settings and can fly both indoors and outdoors. It is currently retailing for $500, which is a small price to pay for becoming a selfie-master.

For more information on Yuneec's The Breeze, and to see it live in action, be sure to check out the company's website.

In other technologically advanced news, Apple has confirmed a grand iPhone 7 reveal taking place next week.

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