Anybody that has been to Dubai will be well aware that the Middle Eastern Emirate is pretty much a nouveau riche Disneyland. From seven-star hotels to the world’s largest indoor ski slope and man-made islands built in the shape of palm trees, its rulers have obviously set out on a mission to transform their city into the physical representation of the word “bling.”

Take a stroll through one of their countless mega malls (one of which, Dubai Mall, also happens to be the world’s biggest, quelle surprise) and you’ll notice that Emirates really, really like designer labels. Evidently, this observation hasn’t slipped by the directors of luxury fashion houses, who’ve flocked to the desert metropolis to open up glitzy hotels bearing their brand’s name.

That’s right, there are branded fashion hotels in Dubai, several of them, in fact, which we’ve taken the time to list below.

Armani Hotel

Situated at the Burj Khalifa - the tallest building on the planet - this is one of two hotels that bear the label’s name (the other being in Milan). It houses 160 rooms and suites, a spa, six restaurants and a specialist retail area selling Armani wares, confectionary, and, erm... floral arrangements?

According to its “philosophy," the hotel offers its guests the sort of welcome that Giorgio would extend to his very own family and friends. Let’s just hope he doesn’t charge them as much.

Palazzo Versace

Versace’s brash baroque maximalism manifests in physical form at the Palazzo Versace, which opens this month. Designed to resemble a 16th century Italian palace, every single piece of fabric and furniture that adorn the sprawling Palazzo has been tailor-made by the House of Versace.

The hotel cost around $625 million to construct and even houses Q's Bar – the first-ever bar fronted by music legend Quincy Jones.

Cavalli Club

Although a branded Roberto Cavalli hotel doesn’t exist yet (one is in the works, however), the Florentine fashion label have their own club in the Emirate. Said to “embody the glamorous soul of the designer,” the club’s interior is an explosion of animal print, suspended crystal chandeliers and indoor know, just the essentials.

Said to be "guided by the style and flair" of the Italian designer himself, the Cavalli club is where you go to sip on "Roberto Cavalli vodka-based cocktails," which are incomparably more chic than other vodka-based cocktails.

Bulgari Hotel

With franchises in London, Milan and Bali, the Bulgari Hotel is set to arrive in Dubai in 2017. Designed by Italian architectural firm Antionio Citterio Patricia Viel and Partners, and spaced over an area of 1.7 million square feet, it will be located on Jumeira Bay Island, a manmade landform off the coast of the city sculpted in the shape of a “titanic seahorse” – because a regular seahorse just isn’t glamorous enough.

Not much else is known about the inside of Bulgari's forthcoming establishment, but its London hotel features silver chandeliers and specially woven silk curtains bearing a pattern inspired by a brooch designed by Sotorio Bulgaria back in the 19th century, so expect more of the same.

Not enough opulence for you? Get a closer look at the Palazzo Versace here.

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