DUCKWRTH’s an XTRA UUGLY Mixtape was among our favorite under the radar hip-hop releases of last year, a collection of sharply-honed songs that fully displayed why the LA-based rapper has so rapidly built such a devoted fanbase. Now, he has shared a video for the mixtape-cut “Boy,” and it stars (and features creative direction from) none other than Mette, the fierce dancer who caught the eyes of the world with star-making appearances in the visuals from N.E.R.D that arrived at the tail-end of last year. Watch it below.

Speaking on the visual’s creation, DUCKWRTH told us “When I made the song ‘BOY’ a year ago, I imagined a rad, androgynous woman (with a buzz cut), having the perfect balance of female and male energy. She was the type to throw hands in a Trash Talk mosh pit, while still being able to rock a sun dress, turning every man’s heart into jelly mush. Fast forward to 2017, Mette listens to my album, and guess what song she gravitates to? I told her I was shooting a video for it in 2 weeks, and was still building the concept. She told me who she imagined the female character to be. Then, a dragon struck from the sky, looked me in my eye and said ‘DUUUUH’.”

Regarding her role as creative director for the video, Mette told us that “I was really interested in subverting the classic trope of a ‘damsel in distress.’ I wanted to see a woman deliver a man to freedom on screen… as women often do in real life. For me, ‘Boy’ really felt like a great opportunity use fight choreography… there’s the literal fight of freeing Duck, but there’s also the idea that every ‘takedown’ or battle itself is my character taking on and beating any doubt that she isn’t capable, that her sex or physical form would keep her from taking on challenge-physically meeting it-and being triumphant.”

Revisit all of DUCKWRTH’s an XTRA UUGLY Mixtape below via SoundCloud.

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