In the Dutch city of Rotterdam, a new trial scheme will soon allow police to target young people in designer clothes under suspicions that they can't afford the garments legally. As per Quartz, the program will allow cops to confiscate items if the wearer can't prove they were lawfully purchased.

Slated to run for a limited time only, the new trial will be conducted in partnership with the public prosecution department, who will help determine what can be legally confiscated. While it remains unclear as to what exact crimes the police aim to tackle with the scheme, youths wearing items such as Rolex watches and Gucci jackets could be targeted.

“We know they have clothes that are too expensive to wear with the money they get,” a spokesperson for the department said. “We’re going to look at how they get those clothes, where did they buy them, from where the money came that they buy them.”

Critics and Rotterdam residents alike have slammed the program, citing legalities in confiscating items as well as the potential for racial profiling. “Police won’t consider a white guy walking around in an expensive jacket to be a potential drug dealer,” one person said to VICE. “But it’ll be a different story with minorities.”

For more on this, check out Quartz's report.

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  • Source:Quartz
  • Main & Featured Images:SANDER KONING / AFP / Getty Images

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