The hype for new Earl Sweatshirt tunes is getting pretty real, particularly after he debuted a new song at this year's Day N Night Festival. Fortunately, news has broke that Earl has contributed beats to a new EP from elusive rapper Mach-Hommy. The only catch? You're going to have to pay over $100 to hear them.

Mach-Hommy's Fete Des Morts AKA Dia De Las Muertos EP is out now on Bandcamp, and is only available to listen to for the price of $111.11. Hommy told Pitchfork he has no plans of any kind to make the EP available to stream, so fans desperate to hear the six beats Earl made for the project will just have to cough up.

Aside from this project, Earl has been hard at work on a new clothing line called 'DEATHWORLD.' Take a look at the pieces here.

In other music news, Britney Spears sold one of her original paintings at auction for a whopping $10,000. Get the scoop here.

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