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As promised, we follow up our Buzz Rickson coverage yesterday with a look at Eastman Leather‘s Autumn/Winter 2012 offering. Gary Eastman, bossman and founder, was good enough to talk us through the line-up. It’s hard not to be impressed by the sheer dedication and hard work that goes into producing these jackets. Trying to recreate functional, military, leather garments with all their bells and (literally in some cases) whistles, is no mean feat.

With an encyclopedic knowledge and an obvious passion for these pieces, Gary has been able to produce spot-on replicas. Even in the case of the updated A-2 ‘Slender‘ – a more slimeline, modern take on the classic, everything is as it should be. USAAF spec plain weave cotton, Crown zipper, worsted wool knit cuffs…Jake Gyllenhaal went on an East London killing spree in one so there’s your seal of approval right there.

While we can’t recreate the almost hypnotic smell of leather in the room that day, take a look through our gallery for some close-up action.

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Images: Ross Trevail/Selectism.com

Words by Lena Dystant