Eddie Huang is the latest celebrity to come forward with a story of sexual assault. In an essay for The Cut, Huang reveals that at 14 years old he and a friend were sexually assaulted by a chaperone during a church skiing trip.

According to Huang, they were watching basketball in their room when the chaperone knocked on the door and asked to take a shower. Later, he walked out “with his dick hanging out” before he took out a Bible and “started to read scripture with his dick hard.”

“My chest started to tighten and I couldn’t breathe, fearful for what would happen next,” Huang continues. “The panic turned to outrage and ultimately humiliation.”

Huang describes how he felt “completely paralyzed” and how he was afraid to fight back or call the police as he didn’t think anyone would believe him.

The rest of the essay grapples with Huang’s struggle to come to terms with the incident. “I’m not just a kid some pedophile read Psalms to. And if someone sexually assaulted you, it isn’t who you are either. We have a fucking choice. We can’t always control what people do to us, but we do have the power to define it,” Huang writes.

“When I look back, nothing was actually taken. I was hijacked, but I fought my way back and arrived as the man I’m supposed to be.”

Read Huang’s essay in full here.

If you have been sexually assaulted, there are resources to help you. 

Donate to Rape Crisis here (UK) or RAINN here (US).

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