In a recent interview, Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan finally revealed whether Walter White died at the end of the show, and seemed to hint that the antihero will have a role in the upcoming Breaking Bad movie, El Camino.

To many, the end of Breaking Bad was pretty clear-cut. Walter White gets hit by machine gunfire and presumably succumbs to his wounds. Of course, the series never confirmed that White died, leading many fans hoping that somehow he managed to survive — a theory that's got even stronger since the announcement of El Camino.

Unfortunately for fans, White didn't survive the shootout. “Yes, Walter White is dead. Yes," Gilligan confirms. Watch his response around the 8.30-minute mark below.

Though this may come as bad news for die-hard Walter White fans,  Gilligan doesn't explicitly rule out a Walter White appearance in El Camino — meaning we can probably expect White to pop up in the form of a flashback or a dream sequence.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie is dropping on Netflix this Friday, October 11.

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