Brand: The Elder Statesman

Season: Holiday 2020

Key Pieces: Tons of strong, psychedelic highlights to choose from but if we had to pick just one it would be the ouija board sweater A$AP Nast is flexing in slide 11 or possibly the Wild Card tie-dye joint in the first slide.

Release Date: Look for the collection to release around the holiday season later this year.

Buy: Shop the current collection at

Editor’s Note:  The Elder Statesman's Holiday 2020 collection explores the world of gaming and alternate reality. Inspired by the simulation of life that games construct and the way different games incorporate choice, skill and fate, the offerings explore different games throughout history including the ancient Indian game of Snakes & Ladders, which originated in 2nd century AD.

Also referenced is the medieval Indian game of Pachisi that is centered on skill and luck. Pachisi was traditionally played on a cloth patchwork board with cowrie shells, both of which are seen within the collection in the form of prints and buttons, respectively.

Any collection based on games couldn't ignore the influence of classic mid-century American board games, known for their color stories, as well as 1980s RPGs and games that are based solely on luck such as Bingo.

All of these references are brought together with a seasonal collaboration with British printmaker, Sophy Hollington, to create a celestial game world reminiscent of the brand's own Los Angeles landscape full of palm trees, stars, sun and mysterious phenomena.

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