Jakarta based denim label Elhaus return with their Spring/Summer 2016 collection, entitled "The Nomad Trading Post." The collection’s based on two fictional groups called The Nomad Navy and The Nomad Army, who apparently both get into some rather heavy army stuff, causing their clothing to need repairing. In reality, this means patched apparel recalling Boro techniques. And, like Boro, patches are randomly placed, making every piece just that bit different from the next.

For those obsessed with detail, there’s sashiko stitching throughout the pieces, something bound to go down well if you want to one-up any Japan-obsessed friend you have. There’s also denim deck jackets in herringbone camo and waterproof MA-1 jackets.

The collection is available now from their flagship store (if you're in Jakarta) and will be soon be online at their website.

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