If you've ever had that burning desire to watch Elon Musk smoke a blunt, today is your lucky day — the Tesla CEO did just that on the new episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

Amid all the chat about science, tech, and the auto industry, host Rogan decided to loosen both the mood and his guest with a weed-laden offering. "So is that a joint or is that a cigar?" asked the 21st-century captain of industry sheepishly, to which Rogan replied, "No, it's marijuana inside of tobacco."

"You ever had that?" Rogan asks.

Musk replies coyly, "I think I tried one once."

"Come on," mutters Rogan.

While we're in no position to verify how green Musk is when it comes to the green, you can view what is almost certainly the first time he's smoked weed while conducting an interview for broadcast below.

What are your thoughts? Which CEO should get stoned in an interview next? Let us know below.

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