elon musk spacex mars settlement 2028

Just last week Elon Musk announced that Japanese entrepreneur and art collector Yusaku Maezawa will be the first SpaceX passenger to travel around the moon, with hopes of liftoff in 2023. Since, Musk has come out to say that his Mars SpaceX settlement might be possible just years later in 2028, Inverse points out.

Musk hopes that SpaceX will become the first human base on Mars. Recent renderings show multiple BFR rockets on the planet alongside roads and other permanent fixtures. The BFR features 31 Raptor engines powered by liquid oxygen and methane to ensure visiting humans can refuel with natural resources and return home. Initially with six vessels, each ship would carry 100 tons of supplies, then serving as homes for humans.

“The idea would be to expand out, start off not just with an outpost, but grow into a larger base, not just like there are in Antarctica, but really a village, a town, growing into a city and then multiple cities on Mars,” said Paul Wooster, principal Mars development engineer for SpaceX.

Musk has gone on to point out that his plans for Mars are just the beginning. The BFR is “really intended as an interplanetary transport system that’s capable of getting from Earth to anywhere in the solar system as you establish propellant depots along the way,” he notes.

For more on Musk’s plans for SpaceX in 2028, follow over to Inverse.

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