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Elon Musk has emailed Tesla employees for the second time this year, asking them to volunteer for the beta testing period of the company’s new Autopilot hardware.

Musk is appealing to hundreds of employees to take part in internal testing in preparation for the launch of Hardware 3 – a neural network computer designed to give cars full self-driving capabilities. The recent testing expansion suggests Tesla is moving closer to rolling out the technology. Back in September, Musk issued a request for almost 200 volunteers to test the hardware.

To get Tesla’s full self-driving capabilities, normally a person would be looking at between $5,000 and $10,000 for an upgrade, depending on the package. Tesla is offering any willing employees the chance to get it for free, providing they share around 300 to 400 hours of driving feedback data.

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While the finish-line might be in sight, it has not been a smooth ride for the automaker since it announced that all its cars will come with self-driving hardware back in 2016. Tesla’s Autopilot version 9 still isn’t fully available, and the chipmaker, MobilEye, has since cut ties with Tesla over safety concerns.

Would you test drive Tesla’s self-driving hardware, or is it too Black Mirror? Let us know in the comments below.

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