For day 28 of LOVE Magazine’s advent calendar, Swedish model Elsa Holsk gets her hands dirty with a killer kettlebell workout.

Having featured in last year’s LOVE calendar, the Victoria Secret model’s return is nothing less than spectacular. This time, Holsk can be seen chalking up, like any good athlete would do, before busting out some power squats in a room full of mirrors. Wearing a white lace one piece, Holsk gets a little carried away with the chalk but manages to keep her fitness game on lock.

“I love that it’s not too serious and that you get to make a little fun of yourself! I always look forward to shooting Love Advent because you can go a little nuts and overdo it!” she said of the shoot.

Check out the full video above and when you’re done, watch Joan Smalls bust out her leotard for Day 27.

A Berlin-based gal from Brum.

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