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Alexandra Gavillet / Highsnobiety.com
Alexandra Gavillet / Highsnobiety.com

The latest to star in our ongoing Meet the Muse series is Emily Oberg.

A fixture in the streetwear blogosphere, Emily got her start at Complex in the video department, before bolstering her personal brand through a series of DJ sets in partnership with Kinfolk, as well as her own clothing label Sporty & Rich.

Photography: Alexandra Gavillet
Model: Emily Oberg
Brands Featured: Champion Japan, Russel Athletics, Alpha Industries, Nike, Aritzia, New Balance

Your first modeling gig?

I think my first big one was the one I did for Frank 151 and DKNY styled by A$AP Illz.

Your current 9-to-5?

Editorial producer at Complex.

Your ideal Saturday night?

Mr. Chow’s, a movie at home, then bed.

Your greatest hidden talent?

I’m double jointed.

Your first thought each morning?

“Should I workout now or later?”

Your dream celebrity rendezvous?

A meal with Larry David.

Your favorite wardrobe item?

Vintage Levi 501s.

Your top holiday destination?


Your best piece of advice?

Advice is something you already know, but need to hear from someone else.

Your no.1 album?

Of all time? I can’t answer that. Right now? Caracal by Disclosure.

Your personal style icon?

A mix between Phoebe Philo and Jerry Seinfeld.

Your fondest memory?

Road trips with my dad and brother.

Your childhood hero?

Probably something silly like, Sporty Spice.

Your most treasured possession?

My vintage Wassily Chair.

Your favorite meal?

My mom makes this unbelievable Bucatini with homemade tomato sauce and beef/pork meatballs with lots of parmesan and chili flakes. It’s the best thing I’ve ever eaten.

Now that you’ve gotten to known Emily a bit more, check out her directorial debut with Complex‘s Supreme documentary below.

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