Last night Emily Ratajkowski announced that she is the new face of French haircare brand Kerastase. Taking to Instagram to share the news, the 26-year-old model/actress posted a photo of herself with what's been perceived as a rather insensitive and even misinformed caption regarding beauty and femininity.

"Hair is a fundamental part of beauty, femininity, and identity," Ratajkowski noted, and well, her followers didn't take kindly to the notion that hair is essential to beauty and even more so femininity.

While some Instagram users pleaded for her to take the post down, or at best edit the caption, others had notably harsher responses. Find a selection of those responses below.

"lol delete" - @r3v3ng3lina

"Please change that caption" - @malixart

"so people with out hair arent beautiful etc ? delete this sis smh ?" - @jaretzydeleon

"you don’t need hair to be beautiful..... aren’t you a “feminist activist”what is this ?" - @samiiryan

"definitely not a fundamental to beauty" - @savannahcrowee

"Hair does not make a girl a girl" - @reaganjamesvevo

"Everyone should be encouraged to feel confident and beautiful hair or no hair. This post is disappointing." - @emilywilzon

"How is it fundamental to a woman’s beauty?? What about my girls suffering from cancer?? Do you think they even had a choice about losing their hair? Does that make them less beautiful because they’re lacking a “fundamental” part of beauty?? Ignorant and hurtful caption. Think about how your words affect other people before you put it on the internet." - @jessiekellar

"You’d be nothing without your hair then lady? What would you be then? Someone ought to shave her head while she’s sleeping." - @youngskrskr666

"Wow I didn’t know that hair was such a big deal. Hope ur hair gets chemically damaged" - @kiara.pepper

"This is such a shortsighted caption. Girl some people can't grow hair anymore or choose not to. Pls rethink how "fundemantal" hair is so being beautiful." - @bigbitchjohanna

"This caption is quite tasteless & shallow. hair does NOT define a woman's beauty, femininity or identity.. what about cancer patients? Some of the STRONGEST, MOST BEAUTIFUL women on this earth fighting for THEIR LIVES. Do you really think such a trivial thing of hair is MORE IMPORTANT THAN LIVING?" - @daniellergump

"What we’re not gonna do is try to create even more beauty standards for women. Especially when we all know how hard being a women is in this society. She’s cancelled." - @rachel.mangano

"what does this mean to women and young girls who look up to you who don’t have hair like that due to cancer. you just lowered their self esteem and self confidence" - @sierraa_sk8

Kerastase then utilized Instagram to announce the news of Em Rata coming on board as well, and users also took that opportunity to express their displeasure with Ratajkowski's post.

"What do you have to say to women who do not have hair? What a stupid caption @emrata ! Hair is not fundamental on beauty! There is so many women without hair beautiful and strong enough. What stupid caption for a stupid campaign to get some dollars. @emrata @kerastase_official" - @cerqueira_julio

"Instead of replying with the same "apology" that basically says "sorry you're offended in our post, that's not what we meant" maybe you should have @emrata delete her post and come up with a different caption with a full apology there. All of her followers including the countless others who have seen her caption have no idea that it's "not what you meant". This is truly horrible campaigning/sponsoring." - @braaandilynn

"@kerastase_official, your new spokesperson @emrata in her post announcing her affiliation with your company just isolated the: the 21 million American women who currently suffer from some form of alopecia, the 80 percent of women who experience noticeable hair loss by the age of 60, the 4 out of 10 women who suffer from thinning hair, women w/ PCOS, women battling cancer w/ chemo - not to mention the millions of women internationally suffering from hair loss for reasons unmentioned. Insensitive, and ultimately poor, careless marketing." - @ruthtpineda

"It’s medusa, with a head of snakey insults to women. To cancer sufferers. To sufferers of alopecia. It’s the utmost offensive and un feminist ad I’ve probably ever seen. This takes shaming and degrading in advertising to a whole new level. The things people do for money... it’s sickening!" - @doll_cat_pvssy

"Have @emrata delete her post if you’re so sorry. Makes you look disgusting and shallow." - @kylearosee

How do you feel about the caption? Let us know in the comments section below. As it stands, Ratajkowski's post remains on Instagram with the original caption.

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