Street culture message board superfuture has been blown away by the work of Ender Severin, aka @techwear.intern, a second-year Technical Apparel Design student at university in Vancouver. The student, who is also interning at a Vancouver-based design studio, was set a challenge by his workplace and university mentors: create one item of technical apparel, from scratch, every day for 30 days.

Unphased, the 28-year-old assembled a nonstop onslaught of handcrafted tech gear, ranging from backpacks and shoulder rigs to baselayer tops, waterproof pants and, somehow, the world's lightest jacket.

Severin spent months in the lead-up to the project trying to get his hands on materials, ringing up textile manufacturers and brands and asking for discarded rolls of excess fabrics like Dyneema, Hypalon and GORE-TEX, which would otherwise be way out of reach for a cash-strapped student.

Ender's ultimate aim is to assemble a body of work to show the world as is portfolio, and since he started chronicling his ambitious undertaking, he's even ended up on CBC News in Canada. @techwear.intern's record-breaking jacket, a zip-up windbreaker, coming in at 85g, will beat the previous world record holder by 29g, according to Severin.

Check out @the-intern's mind-blowing project over on superfuture.

  • Cover Image:@techwear.intern / Instagram

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