Engineered Garments is moving in a direction no one expected it to go. Designer Daiki Suzuki chose black as the main color for Fall/Winter 2015, a color rarely, if ever, seen in EG. Inspired by '70s and '80s New York and Tokyo, Suzuki stuck with his traditional workwear and military inspirations, but heightened the brand's character with starkly dramatic monochromacity. We haven't been lucky enough to see these garments in person yet, but tells us that behind the monochrome lookbook also lies some navy and charcoal.

The completely black and white images show a mastery of layering, done with a wide variety of styles: a vested-trouser one-piece is paired with a jacket to resemble a three-piece suit; hoodies and apron-like tunics are worn under fishtail parkas; and even fur is thrown on outfits that could still be complete without it.

The most standout pieces remain at the bottom, however, with tweed renditions of the cargo pant, wide corduroy trousers and cable knit pants that have us all drooling. Accessories are not to be missed either, with peanut-shaped beanies that will instantly turn any man cool and African-inspired coiled thread necklaces that make the collection even more eclectic.

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