It's the ultimate workout catch-22. You don't have time to fit in a workout in the morning, but leaving it until later means you're too amped up to go to sleep on time — causing you to sleep in and miss any chance of an early workout.

But postponing your workouts until later shouldn't mean you'll be wired all night. According to sleep researcher, Charles A. Czeisler, all you need to do is adjust your eating schedule slightly — and plan ahead.

There are two key tenets to getting a full night sleep — maintaining a routine and eating before sundown, as late night meals and an erratic schedule both affect your circadian rhythm causing sleep disruptions. What this means in practice is eating your your last meal of the day before the sun sets — and no longer than 12 hours before your first. So if you eat breakfast at 9am, dinner is at 9pm, with your mealtimes adjusted accordingly on days when you want to fit a workout in.

Once you get your routine down, there's no reason you won't sleep like a baby, even after a particularly intense workout session. As Czeisler says, "exercise in the evening does not disturb sleep and can even promote sleep a little bit.” Sorry to everyone who was using bedtime as an excuse to avoid exercising.

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