These days, eating out is more about Instagramming your meal than actually enjoying what the food tastes like. Because if a dish doesn't look aesthetically pleasing, what's the point exactly?

In this hilarious parody, titled "Cooks," chef Trev Daley of "Classy’s Bar & Grill" details why food should always be fast and cheap.

Daley has a real appreciation for items like chicken nuggets, French fries, melted cheeses, and really anything that is frozen and/or comes in bags and boxes. Trev in turn lives by the mantra that "if you're not getting a dish out in eight minutes, for under $14 USD, you're not doing a good job as a cook."

He also believes that good food should always be served with a side of fries as well as with sauces and dips.

Sure, the people behind shows like Netflix's Chef's Table will probably roll their eyes if they get wind of this, but we think it's absolutely hilarious. It is a parody after all.

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