These days we’ve become so attached to our phones and social media that often times we miss out on living in the moment and truly experiencing things. The on-hand clip in turn delves into such, being aptly titled “Instravel – A Photogenic Mass Tourism Experience.”

Here, a man named Oliver details his frustrations with tourist photos while on a trip to Rome, The Verge points out.

“During my trip, I felt that many people didn’t really enjoy the moment and were hooked to their smartphones,” he says. “As if the ultimate goal of travel was to brag about it online and run after the likes and followers.”

Oliver then alludes to how we’re all merely taking the same pictures for Instagram, utilizing similar angles, framing, and even edits. We see a trip beginning with the all-too-familiar passport shot, followed by a photo from the airplane, then in front of popular tourist attractions such as the Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, Machu Picchu, and beyond.

We’ve all certainly been there, but the visual by Oliver is simply confirmation and a reminder to live more in the moment, smartphone and social media free.

Follow on over to The Verge for more on the story after you watch the clip above.

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Not NYC, not LA.

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