Last week Swedish sneaker brand Eytys revealed their first running silhouette, the Jet sneaker. The full campaign has just been released and somewhat unexpectedly stars cult actor Michael Madsen, shot by Johannesburg-based photographer and filmmaker Kristin-Lee Moolman.

A luxury take on ultra-marathon footwear, the design's chunky base features a custom developed combination Phylon midsole and rubber outsole. It arrives in four colorways – all-black, white and grey, black and navy, and a white, grey and brown version and retails for €170.

We sat down with the Tarantino favorite to discuss all things sneaker-related, including which sneakers he grew up wearing, which of the characters he's played is the most stylish, and if the campaign was a movie who would direct it.

How did the Eytys collaboration come about?

I’ve never endorsed anything before. My manager and I were looking for something interesting, the timing felt right.

The lookbook is shot in some interesting areas of Eytys' hometown Stockholm - a ferry and an abandoned old residence - what was the idea behind the campaign, did you have a certain role in mind? 

I was playing myself throughout the day. The locations were picked out by the Eytys creators. Very refreshing to do something outside a studio.

If there was a film alongside this campaign, what would be the basic plot and who would direct it?

Lol, the journey of a shoe model… don’t know about the plot line but would choose Francis Coppola as a director.

Had you been to Stockholm before? What is your favourite thing about the city?

I’m Danish. My grandparents are from Denmark. I loved Sweden - Stockholm is a very vibrant city. I’d really like to return soon. I could live there.

The Jet sneaker is Eytys' first running silhouette. What attracted you to the design?

They are light but snug and built tough. The name is cool too. I had a horse named Jet once.

Which colorway is your favourite?

I like the black ones, have used them ever since the shoot.

What is your first sneaker-related memory and do you have a favorite silhouette?

I grew up wearing Converse.. used to wear them until they fell apart on my feet. Apart from my new Eytys, I only wear boots daily.

What other Eytys silhouette is your favorite?

I brought one of their bags home to my wife, an appreciated souvenir.

Which character that you've ever played in a film can you see wearing the Jet sneaker and why?

Mr Blonde - of course. But I could wear them to pretty much everything. Except maybe a western haha.

Which character that you've played is the most stylish?

Mr Blonde.

What's your most prized fashion item?

A vintage royal blue shark skin suit.


Head over to Eytys' online store to shop the Jet sneaker alongside their full line.

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