Facebook users from around the world will soon be rejoicing with six additional emojis set to be accompanying the famous "like" button. Falling under the category of "Reactions", they will be placed next to the original thumbs-up icon and include love, laughter, happiness, shock, sadness and of course, anger. These new pop-up icons will only be tested in Spain and Ireland for now however, before CEO Mark Zuckerberg decides to take it global. It's also rumored that the initial "dislike" button idea that came out last month may be dropped for these six emotive characters.

While we're on the topic of the ever-popular emoji, take a peek at this real-life emoji keyboard.

UPDATE: Facebook is purportedly rolling out the new emoji set starting today. To access the new reaction emojis, press and hold on the Reactions button - on the Messenger app, it's below the text box, on the far right of the toolbar - select which one you want, and press send! The three most frequent reaction icons will be displayed on any given post.

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