Facebook today has officially announced new features to further incorporate music into its platform, which will enable an "even better user experience."

Following the launch of Watch Party this past summer, which is a feature that lets people watch live or pre-recorded videos together, this new update includes the launch of Music on Facebook Stories and an expansion of Lip Sync Live, in addition to a forthcoming option to add songs to a personal profile -- which is reminiscent of the good old Myspace era.

Music on Facebook Stories allows users to add a song to photos and videos shared to their stories, along with a few other customizable features like adding stickers and effects. With Lip Sync Live implemented across most profiles worldwide, Facebook says it plans to offer real-time interactions between artists and fans, which will be useful for artists in promoting their singles.

Furthermore, the social media giant teased plans that will allow users to add songs to a new music section on their personal profiles. Facebook says that the tracks will be pinned to the top of your profile, "to share with friends and help them learn more about you." Those selections will also visually showcase the artist and the track by playing a portion of the song with an accompanying video showcasing imagery of the artists and album art.

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