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In 2014, Copenhagen-based photographer Bobby Anwar took off to the Faroe Islands to find some peace away from city madness. No people, no rush, no hassle.

Then this November, Bobby set off once again for the remote, North Atlantic island chain, this time aiming to experience the beautiful landscape in winter. Already familiar with the lay of the land from his last trip, Bobby hit the road on his first day, departing straight from the airport towards the well-known waterfall Gásadalur, before heading to the capital city of Torshavn.

As this time of year, the Faroe Islands only experience 4-5 hours of daylight, so early breakfast, then packing the car with camera gear and warm clothes quickly became a daily routine. Over the course of the next couple of days Bobby mapped his way to Saksun, Klaksvik, Kalsoy and other more remote locales.

Check out a set of stunning visual impressions from the eight-day trip above.

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