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Urban Outfitters

The humble T-shirt has always been a valuable space for self-expression. However, considering that literally any image can now be plastered onto the front (and occasionally the back) of any garment, there’s a fine line to tread between the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.

On that note, we’ve sourced a selection of our favorite graphic T-shirts which feature compelling and referential visuals to elevate any outfit. In our list below you’ll find a dope T-Shirt from Urban Outfitters (paying homage to the one and only Nasty Nas), a Frank Zappa-printed tee from Butter Goods, and even a Fruit Loops-inspired option from Heron Preston.

Check out the rest of our favorites, and click through if you like what you see.

Nasty Nas T-Shirt

Urban Outfitters


Chuck E. Cheese Logo T-Shirt

Urban Outfitters


Heat T-Shirt

The Good Company


Shaolin Tokyo T-Shirt

The Hundreds


Camera T-Shirt

Chinatown Market x Smiley


Factwerk T-Shirt



Backwards T-Shirt

Call Me 917


Interzappa T-Shirt

Butter Goods


Blessed T-Shirt

Used Future


Greenpeace T-Shirt

United Standard