It's no secret that as a society we're obsessed with our smartphones and social media more than ever. Attribute that to a short attention span, loneliness, fear of missing out, or whatever, but it could very well be ruining our mental health.

Twitter's latest fixation, however, is with the webcam on our devices, as many insist the government is watching our every move. For quite some time now, it's been noticeably common for users to cover the front-facing camera on their computers as to prevent "the man" from spying.

In a more comical twist, the latest meme/craze surrounding the webcam issue delves into digital loneliness and people's relationship with the "FBI agent" inside the camera.

Below we've in turn compiled some of the most entertaining tweets pertaining to the "FBI agent inside my webcam."

Now learn more about why Millennials and Gen Z are so obsessed with social media.

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