A tenuous easter connection, we take a look at the perfect alternative to a chocolate egg with this incredible Fender Stratocaster. Inspired by a 1900 Fabergé Pine Cone easter egg created for the Russian royal family, Fender master builder, Yuriy Shishkov, creates an ostentatious, one-of-a-kind guitar with the ridiculously wealthy in mind. Projecting a 3D image of the egg across the body, Shishkov hand-carved each blue scale across maple wood in exact formation stating "if all the scales on the guitar were extended beyond the instrument's contour, they would create a perfect 'egg' shape." Gilded with fine silver and 10 feet of 18-karat gold wire ribbon, additional shine comes courtesy of 550 high-grade diamonds, also used to decorate the knobs and switches. A serious level of craftsmanship applied to this OTT build, Shiskov's aim was a simple one, "to make a very clean and vibrant tribute to old-world craftsmanship."  Up for auction soon, with estimates around $1 million, play this one at your peril.

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