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The Fiat 500 Spiaggina made its debut on July 4, 1958, and in celebration of its 60th anniversary, the iconic model is back in a modernized beach-ready configuration.

Made in conjunction with Garage Italia customs, along with technical and engineering contribution of Italian design firm Pininfarina, the brands essentially re-shaped the bodywork of a 500C model and implemented some retro wheels.

Draped in summer hues of "Blue Volare" and "Perla White" for the exterior and interior, exuding a fresh two-tone vibe, the Fiat Spiaggina '58 is completely roofless and eliminates its rear seating in favor of beach-tailored open top and back. A cover slides away on the rear to reveal a sun deck below, evoking a high-end yacht aesthetic, and extends as the tailgate opens. The compartment also houses a built-in shower to wash away any sand or dirt after a beach session.

Inside, the vehicle's front seat has been replaced by a custom-made small bench that calls to mind the typical car design of the ‘60s, embellished with leather upholstery in white and light blue Foglizzo leather, with waterproof treatment, while the infotainment system sports a 7" HD Live touchscreen radio with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto mirroring plus TomTom satellite navigation. In addition, chrome-plated finishing touches are utilized for the car door handles, rear-view mirrors and hubcaps of the wheels to shine brightly under the sun, while other notable details include vintage badges, Spiaggina ’58 written on the trunk in italic script, and the side mouldings bearing the 500 insignia.

With the release limited to 1,958 examples, symbolizing the year of the original Spiaggina’s creation, the car is bookable and can be customized with all the tailor-made features available on the one-off versions branded Garage Italia. The 500 Spiaggina ‘58 comes with a choice of the 69-horsepower 1.2-liter four-cylinder engine and a 85-horsepower 0.9 TwinAir petrol engine, both with the latest Euro6D rating.

More information is available on the Fiat website, at Fiat certified network points or directly at Garage Italia.

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