Folie à Plusieurs

Perfumery Folie à Plusiers celebrates the release of Find Me, the sequel to André Aciman's celebrated love story Call Me By Your Name, with two fragrances that seek to transcribe the narrative into the medium of scent.

"Find Me," the lead fragrance created for the book by renowned perfumer Mark Buxton, recalls a night in Liguria with the freshness of Italian citrus, hot skin/sex notes, and a journey through an ancient garden in Rome filled with pine trees. “Seek”, a limited release through Folie à Plusiers by perfumer David Chieze, reflects an evening shared by Samuel and his young lover with notes of white wine, cold cigarettes, coffee, old dusty bedsheets, and sex in a villa exposed by an open terrace revealing the cityscape of Rome.

When speaking about the fragrances, Aciman related: "As I’ve frequently written about scents, this was a double pleasure. And a greater pleasure yet was knowing that a tale about a love story set in Rome could generate its own perfume, and evoke a city I have loved more than any other. The loves of Elio, Oliver, and Sami can now be told not just via words alone, but with a bold scent too."

The scents are available now in 50ml for $157.00 USD at Noah, the New Museum, and the Folie à Plusiers online shop.

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