Anyone who’s been a longtime Highsnobiety reader is aware that we regularly post the best #snobshots on our site and social media platforms. The internet has elevated the everyday act of putting together an outfit to a new level, where it’s not just about dressing well—it’s about dressing better than everyone else.

With that in mind, we’re giving the stylish kids of the digital world a new platform to see if they have what it takes to impress industry insiders. Our series, Fit Battle, is inspired by old-school forum culture, where fit pics and trophy-worthy roasts go hand-in-hand. We pit two swaggy contestants in a head-to-head competition to determine who got off the illest fit. In order to win, the combatants have to impress our judges’ panel.

The latest episode of Fit Battle pits Abi Grafals (@abi_grafals) against Alvin Kim (@ajk________). Abi tries to flex in his own collection AND FAITH, while Alvin brings some high-end designer heat. Our new judges panel consists of stylist and Highsnobiety fashion editor-at-large Corey Stokes, and noted fashion critic and founder of StyleZeitgeist Eugene Rabkin. We're also joined by guest judge Danielle Greco (@thugsbunnny), Internet personality and buyer at VFILES.

Now check out the first episode of Fit Battle.

  • Producer/Host:Jian DeLeon
  • Producer/Editor:Justin Kim
  • Videography:Justin Lee
  • Videography:Dana Reeves
  • Design:Brett Dalzell
  • Production Assistant:Julie An

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