This week Ford has unveiled the new GT Competition Series, the most track-focused GT that can still be driven on the road.

In order to shed weight, the use of carbon fiber was paramount in the new GT build to ultimately lower the center of gravity. Gorilla glass has also been implemented behind the driver, which is noticeably slimmer and lighter than on regular GT models. The engine compartment then notes a manual latch and carbon-fiber prop.

Air conditioning, infotainment system, cupholders, radio and storage bins have been removed, as titanium lug nuts and exhaust and carbon-fiber wheels come standard on the new GT.

Gloss carbon fiber striping appears on the exterior of the GT Competition Series, while the lower body trim is thus exposed. The cabin, on the other hand, reveals even more carbon fiber, in addition to Alcantara suede with red accents.

Under the hood you will then find a twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 that cranks out 647 horsepower.

Limited to 250 models per year, the Competition Series will be sold in black, white, silver, blue, grey and yellow.

Just last month we got a look at Ford's all-new redesigned 2018 Mustang.

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