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“Terms & Conditions” is a new photography project that celebrates the free and uncensored female form in a bid to highlight the gender disparity in social media censorship.

More specifically, the project addresses the censorship of women’s nipples, and how social media community guidelines not only conflict with values of gender equality but also inhibit artists’ creative liberties.

The exhibition comprises works by 49 artists, including Harley Weir, Michael Bailey-Gates, David Uzochukwu, Richie Shazam, and Mayan Toledano, with each image presented with the artist’s thoughts on the issue. Bailey-Gates, for example, speaks of censorship making a woman’s body pornographic and shameful rather than just a body, while Toledano talks about the censoring of bodies equaling violation.

Browse a selection of the works above, the head over to Format for more.

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