Twitter is full of freak-outs today as Fornite players around the world erupt in collective panic after a big asteroid in the game flared up, exploded, and sucked the entire map into a black hole. Watch the event take place in the gameplay video above.

The Fortnite game now shows only the black hole, which many seem to still be watching in hope of more information, especially considering Epic Games has deleted the game's entire Twitter feed and replaced it with a black hole live stream.

It's likely that this move is just a teaser for the game's next season. As OG Fortnite players will know, this isn't the first time something like this has happened — the end of season seven saw the game fall victim to earthquakes, which developed into a volcano at the start of season eight. What's more, numbers have been spotted around the black hole that could be a teaser for the upcoming installment, though there's no confirmation of this as of yet.

Elsewhere, some fans are blaming Elon Musk for the black hole, referencing a conspiracy theory from 2018 that claimed the Tesla CEO had bought Fortnite only to delete it. Similarly to how he responded to the news last year — "had to be done ur welcome" — Musk has responded in typical trolling fashion.

Find the best reactions to the Fortnite black hole below.

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