Legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright and his iconic Ennis House located in Southern California is on sale for $23 million after an extensive restoration, according to Fast Company.

Constructed in 1924, the residence is defined by its temple-like aesthetic, and sits on a 36,000-square-foot plot in Los Angeles’ serene Los Feliz district, which is filled with beautiful ravines, hills, and forests.

With the house measuring 5,500-square-feet, the residence utilizes Wright’s signature textile block design and incorporates 27,000 of these interlocking blocks, which were pre-cast in concrete using molds with Mayan-style reliefs. This distinctive style essentially reflects within the structure itself, as its overall volume is reminiscent of a Mayan temple.

The Ennis House is included in the National Register of Historic Places in 1971, and it was prominently featured in classic films like Blade Runner, Black Rain and The Rocketeer.

If you’ve got the money to blow, head on over to the Coldwell Banker in Beverly Hills for additional information.

In related news, Frank Lloyd Wright’s historic Eppstein House is now on Airbnb.

Words by Renz Ofiaza
Staff Writer

Renz Ofiaza is a Staff Writer at Highsnobiety and based in Brooklyn.

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