Frank Ocean has been tapped as one of four cover stars for 032c's new winter issue, dubbed "Berlin Kidz." For his portion, the shoot was handled by none other than Petra Collins, then taking place in New Jersey.

Following, we see Mario Testino explore the shores of Pompeii, while Katerina Jebb makes her way to Balthus' Grand Chalet, detailing a posthumous conversation between the late painter and David Bowie.

Jordan Wolfson allows the publication into his country home, as writer Pankaj Mishra in turn delves into how we ended up in an “Age of Anger.” From there, Mathias Döpfner, Chief Executive Officer of Axel Springer SE and President of the Federation of German Newspaper Publishers, details his travels to the Nazi Death Camps in Poland, and Kris Van Assche reflects on being an Homme surrounding his ten-year anniversary as artistic director of Dior.

To dive into all of this and more, pick up a copy of 032c's "Berlin Kidz" winter issue today.

For more, here is what Frank Ocean's recent drag ball birthday teaches us about queerness.

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