It's not often we get to hear from the elusive Frank Ocean, so it's an even greater treat when he's grilled by some of the coolest figures across fashion, art, and music. Dazed called on an insane roster or celebrities including, John WatersBilly PorterRosalíaArcaMatt OxBig Freedia, and many more to “ask the most enigmatic pop star of our generation” their most burning questions.

In case you were wondering, Ocean's most important physical object is his hard drive. Nymphomaniac is the most insane film he's seen recently (asked by John Waters himself). He favors “the cute little hammerhead dinosaurs,” “slept like a stone” last night, and when Yoon Ahn asked who he'd like to just punch in the face he said “No one. I’m a man of peace.”

Scroll down for some of Ocean's most intriguing responses from the cover story.

On a mantra to live by:

“‘Nobody cares.’ I know it sounds negative, but to me, it’s not. I say those two words all the time to remind myself not to be too self-serious. Every now and then I like to say, ‘Fuck who sees.’”

On when we can expect Channel Orange on vinyl:


On navigating queerness in the music industry:

“I navigate it pretty smooth so far. If anything my personal life needs the GPS sometimes.”

On releasing Endless in 2016 to fulfill his contract with Def Jam, only to release Blonde independently one day later:

“It’s funny talking about it these days because I couldn’t really tell anybody anything for a couple of years. Couldn’t tell anyone at the label, obviously. But I also couldn’t talk with anyone at Apple because the industry is too small and it would’ve gotten back to the label for sure. So I kept it to myself and a few in my circle. I carried my hard drives around with me when I traveled because I used to not store anything online. Those drives became a physical representation of the stakes. If the files had leaked, everything would have worked out very differently for me. When August came around and both projects were uploaded I felt the euphoria, yeah, but mostly I just needed to sleep. I probably slept something like 15 hours. To answer your second question, I built a 12-foot staircase with my fucking bare hands some days before! It’s in my storage, you want it??”

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