Who: Frank Ocean

The outfit he’s wearing: Ocean pairs the forthcoming Cactus Plant Flea Market x Nike VaporMax with a suit jacket, dress pants, and a classic white shirt, finished off with a checked tie. The “Biking” singer rides a vintage Klein Attitude Shimano XTR M900.

Location: New York City

Why it works:  Teaming sneakers with a suit might be cause for alarm for some, but Ocean seems to have successfully propelled the dad-core movement into “commuter” territory.

The success of this look lies in the relaxed fit of the suit, the subtle cuff roll, and the classic palette that all allow Ava Niuri’s much anticipated  VaporMax sneakers to shine through.

The musician often references duality in his work, with lines like “I got two versions” arguably referencing the stylistic difference between Endless and Blond; his visual and proper album, or the alternate spelling of Blond and Blonde.

Here his playful interaction with duality gets a sartorial outlet. We know Ocean for his tees, most notably the “Maintain the Mystery” T-shirt or the antidiscrimination T-shirt he wore at Panorama Festival. In this recent shot, he straddles workwear, streetwear and biking culture to achieve a look that, like his musical output, is impossible to pin down.

Weekend Staff Writer

Isabelle is an Australian writer based in Berlin.